About Us

My name is Phil Renata i am the Founder of this Club and Head Instructor . I my self have been involved in Martial Arts and Kickboxing arena for 30 years , I was ranked a 4th degree Black Belt under the BJC (Zen do Kai )system in NZ/Australia in the late 70s mid 80s. I fought Mostly in NZ and on Occasion fought here in Australia under the watchful eye of my Brother Tony (Rageing Bull)Renata he himself being a well repected fighter and Trainer,also holding a number of Australian Titles, I myself won a Number of Tournaments then retired in 1987, I then migrated to Australia’s Sunshine coast fighting on one of Joe Hiltons Show’s (S.C.T.B)  where I fought for the cruiser weight title over 7 x 2 min Rds  in 1993 and won via a points decision . I then retired again.

I then moved to Sydney I became a personal bodyguard for movie stars to the likes of Tom Cruise (MI2) Nicole Kidman, Ving Rahmes, also Bands and singers ZZ Top, Michael Hutchins, Dire Straits, and my favorite Jimmy Barnes and his brother Swannie.

My passion for the sport of Kickboxing and Muay Thai is endless it runs deep in my veins I get great satisfaction seeing students achieving things that they never thought they could do.

My biggest win is teaching a student to become confident in what ever he or she chooses to do in life’s everyday rigors. Remember it’s not just about fighting inside the square ring but also handling real everyday life situations. To start something is to complete it its about Committment 100%.

My Passion is to Teach and give you a whole new concept of getting fit: 
It’s not just about being a fighter,everyone is a fighter in their own way ,it’s about teaching anyone who wants to Learn and feel better about them selves You make the commitment to yourself once you become a member, I Build your confidence in every way possible (ie self esteem,fitness, self defense no more saying i can’t do it)The concepts ihave put in place is that you become very much a part of the club once you start your training.
I have built the structure for all members of the family .My strategies are simple but affective , I believe in keeping my teaching skills basic and as you develop your basic skills you then intern seek more Knowledge yourself .We have just completed the new training facility and have a fully equipped gym for all aspects of Cardio ,strength training kickboxing, Muay Thai .We have class times to suit everyone check out the times also is the Ladies classes and Junior classes.

The name NGAPUHI means fearless warrior, or fierce warrior. My history comes from a long line of Maori Warriors, great fighters in their time.History tells that the Colonial soldiers feared the Ngapuhi Tribes as they went into battle. The Ngapuhi Tribe feared no man, not even soldiers with guns.

Peace of Mind
For your peace of mind, I, Phil Renata, hold a current positive notice BLUE CARD for working with children. Rego #: 375512/1.