Boxing Toowoomba 101

Boxing is a type of sport where two people fight each other with their fists. It has been around for centuries and is popular in many parts of the world. It is used as a way to get exercise and stay fit while also learning self-defence skills that could come in handy if you ever need. It.

boxing in toowoomba

Understanding the Basics of Boxing Toowoomba

Learning the basics of boxing is very important. So here is a list of punches, how to do them and what they are.



A jab is a type of punch that has the potential to be very effective when done correctly.

This is executed by  positioning yourself in front of your opponent with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent slightly.  Afterwhich, you need to put up your guard by bringing both of your fists up near the face while keeping your elbows down at the sides. As the final blow, you simply need to swing  your left arm directly out from the body while making sure that the right fist remains close to the face for protection.


Cross Punch

A cross punch is a type of punch that uses the power from your back and shoulders. The main difference between a cross punch and a regular, or straight, punch is where you position your fist.

When throwing a cross punch, bring your arm across the front of your body while punching upwards towards the target’s jawline or nose. While it may seem simple at first glance, there are many different variations of this technique depending on what part of the opponent’s body you’re trying to hit.

To maximise muscle efficiency when delivering this attack, keep your weight forward onto one leg with the other leg behind for stability. From here, pivot on both feet simultaneously as if turning around before swinging up


Hook Punch

Hook punches are a good way to defend yourself. This is because you can easily hit your opponent in the nose or side of the head.  If you do it right, they may even go down even with just one punch.

To do a hook punch, first make sure you can get  a good distance between your opponent  while ensuring your guard is up. Second, pull your arm back to get a powerful force then change the angle between you and your opponent. Then make a hook shape with your arm and strike your opponent. From here pivot on both of your feet before striking your punch.



Uppercuts are a great way to get a quick and powerful punch. It can be very helpful when you are up close with an opponent.

There are many different variations of this uppercut. First, make sure you have enough space for your arm to extend fully and your guard is up. Second, bend down and twist your hand and lower it. Third, bring your arm up and aim for the chin.

Here is a tip for you to remember.Always be on the balls of your feet  when you do an uppercut and lift your back heel off the ground for better force


Combination Punch

This is when you throw more than one punch at a time, usually to the head and body, so that your opponent can’t block both punches in time or defend themselves effectively from either attack because they are being hit with two different types of punches at once. It is also known as “punching on the fly” or “switching gears”. The most common combination punch is a left jab followed by an uppercut, but combinations can be done with any type of punch except for straight rights which are too slow to follow up with another punch without giving away their intentions beforehand and risking getting blocked by their opponent’s arm before it has fully retracted back into its original position following the first strike).



You have just learned the basics of boxing so, now it is the time to put these skills into action and practise them. Visit our website for more information , come and have a session. To join now click here